Kumaragurupara Swaamigal

By Sri Swami Sivananda

Kumaragurupara Swaamigal lived about 350 years ago in Srivaikuntham (Tirunelvely District), and was dumb even as a child. Anxious to find their son come to speech somehow, his parents went to the famous Kshetra of Lord Subrahmanya, called Thiruchenthur in the same district, and lived there for several months praying and petitioning, and hoped that their son by divine grace would become all right.

Months passed, but in vain. Prayers and petitions went forth, but all supposedly in vain in the eyes of the parents. Broken-hearted, the miserable parents one night determined to end their life by drowning themselves in the sacred tank nearby. But God Subramanya, (who knew this, for nothing could be hid from His view) that very night woke up the dumb boy and wrote on his tongue His own Shadakshara, and giving him His full Darshan said, "Child, come away to our Shrine for Viswarupa Darshana, quite early in the morning."

With the approach of the dawn, the parents approached the child, but to their wonder and surprise found him graphically describing to them his strange experiences of the night and found in him a power of speech which any well-trained scholar could envy. The boy soon became a famous saint and devotee and gave many inspired songs in praise of Isvara and particularly of Lord Subrahmanya.

He sang the famous "Kanthar Kalivenpa" in praise of Lord Skanda.

At Madurai, he sang verses in praise of Goddess Meenakshi who appeared in person and garlanded the saint with a pearl necklace. He was initiated into the saintly order of Dharmapuram Adhinam. After visiting many holy places in South India and giving a number of Tamil works in verses, he visited Varanasi. He rode on a lion to interview the Badsha of Benares, who was deeply impressed by the greatness of the Swamigal and helped the saint to erect Kedareshwar Temple and Kedarghat on the banks of the Ganga at Varanasi.



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