By Sri Skanda's Warrior of Light

To help the erring humanity escape the pangs of worldly life, Lord Skanda sends forth His divine messengers to perform God's work of Grace on this plane called Earth. These messengers are Jeevanmukthas — enlightened souls — who are sent forth into the world to uplift the downtrodden humanity from their deeply-rooted affiliations with desire, ignorance, and ego.

The wisdom and personal austere conduct of these saints have stood as a beacon-light in providing spiritual solace to their followers.

Among the saints devoted to Lord Skanda, Arunagirinathar is one of the well known. However, there were other saints who were also privileged to receive Lord Muruga's blessings. Sri Skanda graced these saints with the capacity to compose exquisite divine poems and songs of praise in the sacred Tamil language, which later served as authentic documentations of their divine experiences. These blessed souls bestowed to humanity such profound literary works that have greatly enriched the Tamil Saivite religion, language, and culture.

Saints possess the six attibutes of the Lord, which are: Jnaana (wisdom), Vairagya (non-attachment), Kirti (fame), Aishvarya (wealth), Sri (prosperity), and Bala (strength). They are ever blissful and are always free from pain and ever absorbed in Yoga. These saints are intent upon the good of the world and speak to people what is good to them. They do good to them in various ways because saints are representatives of God on earth; in and through them God works here.


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