Chapter 3: Instructions for the use of Sri Skanda's Divine Messages

By Hilda Charlton

It has been said that the brilliant beams at the time of the full moon signify the reflection of Truth which especially affects us at that period by making our intuition more sensitive. Therefore, Sri Skanda chose the time of the full moon for His discourses. Sri Skanda has given us instructions to obtain the best results from His messages, which follow.

Skanda suggests that you read one lesson at the time of the full moon of each month when the vibratory rate is high. Skanda refers to this time as the day of Lord Chandra (the moon). Choose a lesson. Then during the month read and reread this lesson periodically to renew and strengthen its feeling and vibratory rate. Check your progress at the end of each week and observe where you have been victorious and where you have fallen from the Truth of Being. Correct your mistakes mentally by observing them and rethinking them in your mind with positivity. In this way, your mind will become the victor, and a positive attitude will become part of your life. By so doing, you wipe out karmic error and create a new divine way of thinking.

Make a decisive stand to put this into action to the highest of your ability and to live each message. By so doing, uphold Sri Skanda's divine expectation of you.