By Sri Skanda, Son of Siva

"Great changes are coming on your plane called Earth. The Earth itself is being raised in vibration and therefore will have to shift its position. Before long the Kali Yuga Age will recede and the Age of Sathya, Truth, will dawn. The preparatory changes will be immense and awesome. The mind must be kept firm, the emotions calm. Wisdom and understanding must be your weapons to come through unscathed. You must prepare yourself by raising your vehicle, the body, to a higher vibration as I help you accelerate and activate your atomic structure in preparation for the dawning of the New Age of God.

"You are not on Earth by chance at this difficult and perilous time, but have taken incarnation to be my helper, to help usher in the Age of Truth. You must remain firm and stalwart, my soldier, nay, my general, to help guide those who might flounder, not knowing what is happening around them.

"You must keep your mind stayed on me and on the Light — Goddess Jyoti — and not under any circumstances let your mind fall into dark crevices away from Truth. Know for what you took form, and keep your mind firm. Do not let it wander into the labyrinth of world conditions. That which you will see around you is but the pangs of Mother Earth giving birth to the New Age of Truth.

"Mankind has fallen so low that we of the celestial abode will no longer tolerate man's darkness and waywardness. Great numbers will have to leave the Earth unless they change their ways. You, my faithful ones, must keep your hearts full of love and faith, stayed on the highest during this time soon to come on Earth.

"Prepare yourself through breathing (pranayama), meditation and control of the mind through concentration. Eat clean food and take care of your body. Let not trouble, trouble you. March forward, shoulders back, feet firm, in faith, and know I am by your side.

"After being hidden for thousands of years, the awareness of Jyoti was brought to Earth at this time because the Age of Truth and Light is already beginning to dawn on the horizon for those who can understand and whose souls are awakened.

"These changes which will occur are for the sake of those who through the ages have kept faithful to the highest Truth.

"Now is the time the vibration from the heavenly abode must come to Earth to save it from destruction. Prove yourself worthy in the midst of opposition. Now is your time to trust your highest Self and to bring it forth.

"You will feel changes in your body and mind as acceleration of your atoms takes place, a quickening. Fear not; it is all in the great plan. Trust.

"I, Sri Skanda, Son of Siva, have spoken. My blessings are ever with you. Call and I hear instantly."