By Sri Skanda's Warrior of Light

Bhagavan Sri SkandaOracles are a collection of over forty powerful directives given directly by Sri Skanda, Son of Siva, from the realms of Sivaloka to spiritual aspirants on this earth plane through His chosen messenger, Sri Hilda Charlton. These teachings that Bhagavan Skanda rendered to Hilda were delivered over a five-year period at the Hindu Temple Society of North America, in Queens, New York.

"Hilda was at all times in contact with the celestial beings. When she came to the Hindu Temple each month with her group, that was the time when the temple acquired a new quality of vibration, a sanctity and a presence of divinity far greater than on any other occasion."

— Dr. Alagappa Alagappan, Founder, The Hindu Temple Society of North America

Replete with jnaana, love, and power, Sri Skanda's soul stirring eloquent discourses leads spiritual aspirants to self-realization and victory over the dark forces of their lower selves. As soon as you make a decisive stand to put Sri Skanda's teachings into action to the highest of your ability, you will savor the nectar of wisdom contained in His spoken words, be embraced by the warmth of His Love, and be graced by His gift of freedom from rebirth.



Charlton, Hilda. Skanda. New York: Golden Quest, 1989.