By Sri Skanda, Son of Siva

"Though the lessons herein were spoken by me through the Daughter of Light for those who gathered at the full moon each month, I want to emphasize that my blessings go out to all who hold this book in their hands to read. All who struggle upon your Earth plane are equally dear to me. All you who have chosen the path of righteousness belong to the Hierarchy and are overshadowed by its Light.

"I make one last plea before I close this book, requesting that you dedicate your lives to help the downtrodden and those striving against darkness, and thereby save humanity from a great calamity that awaits it unless all those of the Light help. A life is worthless that does not reach out a helping hand to others.

"This invocation I sing from the highest heavens for you, that the Light may reign within you in these coming years and may clear your way. Tread your path firmly and bravely, and remember that when you call my name, I will hear."