Lesson 8: March On — Stop Not

By Sri Skanda, Son of Siva

"The Western year 1984 is about to begin. It is a crucial year, a harbinger of the darkness that is about to take place on Earth. Yet on the horizon, where your vision must remain, is the Light to lead you on. You must never falter in the years that ensue; you must be stalwart Soldiers of Truth, never wavering in thought or deed, but keeping final victory in view. I have inspired and taught you in this past year to be warriors who will not be degraded and will remain true to the Light within. The enemy of Self will attempt to take you on the downward trail. You shall not be tempted. You shall be victorious. I march before you with Vel and banner held high to blaze the path. With the name of Skanda on your lips and in your hearts, you shall march victoriously through the fallen foe. The battle wages within you. The enemy is your own justification which weakens you and can make you falter. The march is long, the battle fierce. It is the battle against your own weaknesses.

"I am thine own glory. I am thine own purity, thine own victory, children of my heart. Warriors of Light, march with me onward and upward until we stand together on the mountaintop where the Goddess Jyoti awaits thee in bliss and peace. The harmonizing vibrations of Truth there are those which thou hast sought through the ages. Nowhere else wilt thou find it. Inside is the battlefield. The outside is the mirror of thyself. Thou hast come this far in the battle of life; stop not until the battle is won — good over evil, truth over illusion.

"What more can I say, my children, except I watch over thee and I spur thee on and tell thee once again I am thy divine General. I march before thee. Wilt thou march with me? Life after life thou hast battled the evil forces of darkness. Now, on the eve of the final battle, cannot thou make the heroic choice to go forward and establish the Truth upon this Earth? In the days to come, be not dismayed at the darkness that will seem to envelop the Earth. Never despair or fear, but keep the eyes on the Light ahead. Look upward and onward until the final goal is reached. I, Skanda, will lead thee through the labyrinth of despair and delusion into the realm of happiness and rejoicing at our victory. March on! March on! March on!

"I, Sri Skanda, Son of Siva, have spoken."