Lesson 7: Watch Every Mood

By Sri Skanda, Son of Siva

"I have come to help you. Will you not be helped? You have but to turn to me in all your faith and determination, and my loving power will help. Do not waver, do not hesitate in time of need. An army marching to battle must trust the general to give the right and correct instructions. I give you the highest and the greatest of instructions to bring you through the battle of life, which now is beginning to break into the final battle of right from wrong, of good and evil against each other. Good will be the final victor. The battle must be waged within you yourself. There is the battlefield.

"Children, have I not been called down through your love to be with you on the Earth at this time? Have I not told you again and again that I was brought into form, created for this battle that now wages on Earth? Cannot you come forth as my soldiers to be my side and I by yours to conquer each and every problem as it arises? Watch every mood, every feeling, every thought, and conquer the evil with right thinking. I, Skanda, Son of Siva, am the epitome of Truth, of strength. You cannot fail or falter when I am your General, ready to lead you through the greatest fray. Day after day I see you faltering for moments, in your minds questioning your own highest feelings, questioning your own true Self which is my true Self. When, O Daughters and Sons of God, will you cease to question and start knowing your Self and take your rightful place in the sun of your own Atma within? Do you believe in me? Then you must believe in yourself. Turn within where the battle rages and stop the battle there.

"I put in your hand the greatest of weapons, my Vel, with the Light of Goddess Jyoti in full flame at the top. She is your highest Self, fully revealed within as Love and peace, as harmony. I breathe into your being this moment divine Love, which conquers all and is the secret weapon of the Gods. Use this weapon wisely and sacredly, and know I will never let you down. Trust, today, I implant into your being: trust in the greatness of God, trust in the Love of God. When your mind would wander, think on my Vel, which I hold high, and march on fearlessly. March into the Light and let the world not touch you. Stay above the battle.

"I am the General of all generals and Protector of the good and the Destroyer of the evil. Let us stand together and rid this Earth of those who would destroy goodness upon this Earth. I take a vow to see you through. Live Truth, love Truth, and keep your eyes on the path of Truth."

Sri Skanda, Son of Siva.