Lesson 6: Courage and Love

By Sri Skanda, Son of Siva

"As the world seems to close in on you, this is the time to bring forth the training that you have acquired during your days of learning. Every method of self-control must be put into action to enable you to keep the mind positive and in control. You, at this period of Earth-shattering karmic experiences, should hold the command and not let your army, the soldiers, run in disarray or uncontrol through fear or cowardice. Your army is comprised of your instincts, your body, your emotions and your lower mind. These soldiers must be trained until they obey their general, the higher mind. On command they must be able to act to enable you to come out victorious in this great battle called Life.

"Be stalwart in your efforts to keep the control. Let not one part of the army stray, disobey or be undisciplined, or chaos ensues and mutiny brings failure.

"A general must know the tactics the army must use to come through the fray unscathed. He or she must never be dismayed or off-guard. The fruits of victory are for the valiant. Never falter or allow one iota of cowardice to enter the mind.

"As the way gets steeper and more difficult, I watch my children faltering and looking back, sometimes in despair looking for an easier way. When you entered this dispensation, you were aware of the hardships ahead. Your courage to reincarnate and to take a form, a vehicle, on the Earth plane at this time to help your world fills my heart with the greatest Love. Your courage brings forth my undying help to enable you to overcome all obstacles and fulfill your innermost dreams and aspirations.

"Remember, at all times my Love is available. All you need to open the floodgates of my abode is to think or call on me. Even to see a rainbow should remind you I exist only for you, for I was created only to help conquer the force of evil which would try to assail and consume you.

"Children, open the gates to my abode in the heavens by calling my name, singing Godís praise. I promise solemnly that my Love shall enfold thee like a soft, gentle, golden mist caressing thee. For what did I take form if not to beckon my children of Earth onward to their heavenly goal of perfection?

"Can I say more, my Warriors of Light, courageous warriors who have come to battle the darkness that Light may once more fill the Earth?

"My loving essence of the heart enfolds thee right now. My courageous power and strength lead thee on. Love and courage are thine this moment, if thou dost go forward and avail thyself of them, marching unafraid into the fray. Go forth with Love and courage, courage and Love, then thou wilt see thine enemies which lie within fade, as darkness disappears with the dawning of the morning sun. March on. March forward, courageous and strong, as one great army of Light. Courage and Love are thine."

Sri Skanda, Son of Siva.