Lesson 5: Thou Art Invincible

By Sri Skanda, Son of Siva

"With the escalation of hatred and warfare on Earth, it behooves my Children of Light to be more aware and alert to the feelings of adversity within themselves, thereby stemming the stream of discord within before it flows outward and manifests as warfare on the outer plane called Earth. The troubles of this Earth are man-made, and therefore the solution lies within the children of Earth. I, Skanda, expect my Warriors of Truth to fight the battle within as ardently and valiantly as those of darkness fight for evil without. Meeting hate with hate is not the answer. The answer lies within, in Love.

"Soon will come on Earth the final battle between darkness and Light. Already my Soldiers of Truth have been battling the evil, though some of my children are still living in the delusion that life in its present form can continue. Nay, this erroneous thinking will come to a sudden, unceremonious end with a jolt to those who refuse to listen to the warnings being given from above to the children of Earth. On this special day, I speak with fervor as a general who sees destruction ahead if the army does not obey instructions. My instructions are: daily prepare your minds with alertness to that which is around you, with kind thoughts towards all; your hearts must flow with unconditional Love; and your bodies must be strong and firm. Steadfastness of your whole being should be your way.

"I see dire times ahead for those who refuse to change and do not shoulder their divine responsibilities for which they took birth and for which I left my divine abode and came down to lead them safely through the fray.

"Children, I stand ready to help. Call and I am there, and above all, feel my tenderness and be filled with my golden Light in your times of need. Your need is my responsibility. My peace is yours to take, if you but reach out. The battle rages on the inner plane and comes closer to the Earth day by day. The decisive power lies within you. Only you can stem this onslaught. Keep your eyes and heart stayed on the Light and naught can touch you. The battlefield of life may be strewn with the defeated, but it cannot touch you.

"Thou art invincible! Thou art indestructible! Impervious to evil, thou art the Light made manifest! Thou shalt walk through the fray, through the battlefield, unscathed. My banner thou must hold high, the banner of victory, that those who are weakening in this battle of life may see their way and follow thee. Follow thy path undaunted! Follow the way of Truth and Light! I go forth ahead of thee with my Vel held high. Follow me through the darkness into the valley of golden Light, where the sunlight shines brightly.

"Fear not the ways of the world. Fear not those who would entice thee and harm thee. Was I not created to inspire and teach thee to have courage to conquer and come forth untouched? This day I give thee confidence, not in the way the world perceives it, but confidence in the Truth lying deep within thy soul.

"Stand firm on Truth! The battle is already on. Knowing the outcome, the joy of victory should already be coursing through thy veins. Be courageous, children. Confidence in thine own innate nature will win the battle for thee. I call into the ethers thrice that the power may penetrate thy three worlds. I call, ‘Confidence is thy shield. Confidence is thy protection. Confidence is thy power.’ High do I hold my Vel and give into thy hand to march onward in confidence to victory."

Sri Skanda, Son of Siva.