Lesson 42: Be Decisive and March Firmly

By Sri Skanda, Son of Siva

"We are entering a new time of exploration, the mystery of it yet to unfold. There will be battles with the small self as the outer environment becomes more chaotic, and at times deep concern bordering on despair will assail thee.

"But fear not. Know all this outer chaos must not concern thee. Thou must keep thy inner Light burning brightly and not let the darkness of the battlefield outside dim the brilliance that shines within. Goddess Jyoti-Light dwells within, ready to come forth in all Her glory. Never forget thy true valiant Self.

"The time is too late now to straddle the path, one foot on the firm terrain of God and the other in the mud of the Earth. Thou must be decisive and march firmly, direct and determined toward thy goal, which is the fulfillment of thy inner quest.

"This very day, right now, make the decision to march forward. Do not fall under the enemies that come to assail thee in the outer world to try to keep thee from the final victory. March forward, mind directed on thy goal. Falter not. Be worthy Warriors of Light, as I have so often called thee, Warriors of Truth to lead others to victory through thy own denial of self. Face all hardships through intelligent understanding, and they become joyous stepping-stones on the road as thou marchest triumphantly to the highest peak, where the Vel can be firmly planted to shine out as a beacon Light, blazing a pathway for others to follow.

"Thou art my stalwart warriors. I need thee in this battle of humankind on Earth, as thou needest me. We make the whole, a band of warriors. Sometimes thou growest weary, as I well know as I watch over thee from the higher realm. But to falter now, at this late date, would be annihilation of all for which thou hast, life after life, striven.

"Thou shalt have victory! Victory! Victory! Jaya, Jaya, Jaya!

"I, Sri Skanda, have spoken in power and mighty strength."