Lesson 41: Battle For Right

By Sri Skanda, Son of Siva

"We whom you refer to as Gods exist on the higher planes of existence that you call heavens, or lokas. They are planes of higher consciousness. From our vantage point, we observe among the denizens of Earth existence those with a light shining over their heads and in their auras. These are the ones who are ready to listen and act upon higher teachings. These we seek out as emissaries of Truth who will impart our messages regarding the future to inspire others to come out of the fog of ignorance and darkness and become beacons of Light.

"I, Sri Skanda, known also as Muruga, refer to you as Warriors of Light, for you are battling the enemy of your lower selves, fighting this inner and outer battle that Truth may prevail upon your Earth planet, battling not for yourselves only but for others who march behind you. With you, the Warriors of Light, rests the future and destiny of the planet. The outcome, whether annihilation or the dawn of the Sathya Age, the Golden Age of Truth, rests heavily upon your shoulders and upon those like you who are struggling.

"I work with you to help to save you from falling into the enemy's pit of despair, the self/ego centripetal force. I help you battle as I see you struggling to overcome your inner enemy. Because you have the right of choice, I wait for your call, the call to tell me help is needed. Do you not realize the battle of life, the future of your planet, of all life upon this planet, depends upon your actions?

"I plead for myself and for all the realms of Gods, beings in form living in the realization of the highest vibrations of the great Creator. I, Sri Skanda, my brother Sri Ganesha, my father Lord Siva, all plead with you at this crucial time for you to gird yourself to help the planet to rise by living to your highest, and by so doing let the goodness of God flow through you.

"We will do our best to guide you upward out of ignorance. You should do your best to try to fulfill our sincere and loving, caring request. We bequeath to you our help of wisdom and Light, tempered with divine Love. Our grace is yours for the asking. We put out your hands to you, our children, our fellow warriors. Will you not put a hand out to us in return?

"This day in this sacred temple, a home made for our use as a point of contact with you, I, Skanda, ask you to become a true warrior against the evil forces within you and around you. Say each day thrice, once for each of your three bodies and for the three worlds: 'I battle for right, for Light, with all my might. Sri Skanda, be with me. At my least call for help, hear me and be near me. I belong to a faithful band of warriors, known as the Warriors of Light in the upper realms, and I am written in the Book of Life under that title.'

"In deep concern for thy planet, I am Sri Skanda, Brother of Ganesha, Son of Siva, Co-Worker with the Goddess Jyoti, who is the Light which dwells within thee.

"Hail, Children of the Most High! Hail, Children of the Warrior Band! Hail, Children of the Redemption of the World!

"Thou has taken form on Earth to battle at my side, and I at thy side. I have spoken in concern and Love."

Sri Skanda.