Lesson 4: The Victory is Thine

By Sri Skanda, Son of Siva

"As time progresses, I, Skanda, observe from my vantage point the unfoldment of my children who come faithfully and loyally with devotion to uphold my work here at the sacred temple. I see the Light from within you beginning to shine forth through the dark shadows without. The darkness you sometimes feel is an illusion of the mind. Change the mind and the feelings follow. I have seen your struggles to overcome — to rise and come over the lesser self. Nothing has gone unnoticed, my children — your struggles, your conquerings, your falling only to rise again has been observed. I am well pleased with your efforts.

"You who have chosen to speak my sacred name I have not failed, and my children whose minds wander into the Earth’s vibratory denseness I also remember and know that you, too, someday will learn to climb the steep mountain of Truth without slipping.

"I was created for all. Even as the sun shines on all, my Love flows to all. Some stay in the shade; some step boldly like my soldiers into the Light where they can see their way clearly. Some call out in the night,‘Which way shall I go? What is my plan? I am lost!’ Remember at that time that life’s plan on Earth for all is to wend your way back to the Truth of who you are, recognizing your true nature.

"To complete this cycle of life, one must be like a warrior — fearless, strong, one-pointed, ever aware of the enemy lurking and hiding in the dark, dense forests of the mind.

"Be well trained in the art of defense. Love and awareness are your defenses. Be aware of your actions, instinctive as well as deliberate, and be a responsible warrior of life’s divine battle.

"The victory is thine, children of mine. The victory is thine. Take of my power this day, my loving strength to battle the senses that would steal from thee thy birthright — perfection, that consciousness of thy divinity.

"I stand firm before thee. Take my strength! My determination I give as a gift to thee this day. Victory to thee! Victory! Victory! Jaya, Jaya, Jaya!"

Sri Skanda, Son of Siva.