Lesson 39: Rise Above the Fray

By Sri Skanda, Son of Siva

"On the last puja here, the holy Love and faith which flowed from me to you permeated you with the golden Light of Jyoti. Observe how you have awakened and grown in stature since the first time we met at the temple and you looked around in wonder and sometimes in bewilderment.

"I give you full permission to look inside yourself right now and acknowledge your growth and rejoice in it. Ponder on yourself right now without criticism of your frailties, the lesser traits, but see your glorious Self, the one I see and nurture. I see deep into your doubts in yourself and into the indecision which hovers over you as grey clouds, but I also see the blazing Light of your soul. Before the darkness encroaches too deeply upon this Earth, you should recognize your Self, the Jyoti waiting to be awakened and to rise into a brilliant flame.

"Then and then only are you able to stay the Earth's hardships and come safely into the harbor of the Golden Age of Truth. Let the Earth's arrows and spears fly past you, and you remain intact above them.

"I speak not of impossible acts of fearlessness which only the Gods can accomplish. Nay, I speak of simply living in Truth, which is available to all. Time becomes short before the onslaught of the battle for Truth. Gird yourselves now and be ready through daily practice.

"You can and you will win if you follow my strategic instructions. Rise above the fray, my children, I beseech you, you whom I love more than my own freedom, for I could stay in my heaven world, my paradise, but I descend into Earth's heaviness for each of you. I know each and every one of you individually, as a father knows his own offspring.

"Doubt not your ability to rise into heavenly heights. Let not epithets of derision fall from your sacred lips. Your lips are God's means of speaking on this lower plane. Fail not thy God.

"This is my ardent plea to thee, the children of my heart, to save thee and the world.

"Ever ready at your call am I, Sri Skanda, Son of Siva the Immortal One, created from his own flame, or sparks of creation of God the Absolute."