Lesson 37: I am Alive

By Sri Skanda, Son of Siva

"Children of my heart, if you would only accept in the depths of your being that your presence here in divine worship opens up the power to flow down to the Earth plane.

"These meetings are looked over by all the Gods in the heavenly realms. As soon as the conch sounds forth, be aware of the change in vibration of the temple, for the powers of the highest lokas, or heavens, flow down, making a connection between Heaven and Earth.

"Soldiers of Light you are. Soldiers must pull together; therefore, be harmonious with each other here and out in the world. Soldiers must be fearless; therefore, be fearless and trust the divine leader. Soldiers must be dauntless; therefore, be stalwart in the midst of Earth's fray. Soldiers must believe in victory; therefore, know that the outcome of the battle of good and evil will be the victory of Light.

"As a soldier of Light, hold firm through it all. For this service you were born, even as I was created to battle the darkness.

"Cease to make me a symbolic God in the heavens. I am real. I am alive. I am omnipresent. Wake up this moment and know my aliveness. Sit quietly and feel my power to conquer enter you. Breathe quietly and feel my Love, my perfect Love, enter you. Let your heart center become alive as you softly breathe in and out, in and out.

"I am real. I am alive. I am within you as your own perfection lying dormant, ready to burst forth. Believe in yourself; believe in the real, alive, vibrant me. I am not a myth. I have come down to be among you.

"I am Skanda, Son of Siva. Love me and my Love will enfold you, Children of the Rainbow, Children of the Light.

"I, Sri Skanda, have spoken in Love."