Lesson 36: Be of the Utmost Dedication

By Sri Skanda, Son of Siva

"Each of you must look into your heart and ask sincerely, 'Do I believe? Do I sincerely believe changes are about to take place on the Earth plane?' Each of you must ask deep within your heart, 'Am I ready to deny the lower, smaller self so that the great plan of the heavens can come forth in all its splendor? Do I really believe, or am I caught in the stagnation of the lower concepts?' Unless a few brave Warriors of Light come forth and dedicate their all, the battle cannot be won.

"I beseech you, my children, to step forth into the Light and live the life of Truth. Soon the darkness will begin to take over, or so it will appear, but Jyoti cannot be dimmed. She must be kept shining brilliantly by those willing to fight the battle against Earth's havoc.

"During the time we have been apart, I have watched over you, lovingly observing the unfoldment of many of you. My plea is that we come together in serious attunement, not just as a casual gathering in the sacred and pleasant atmosphere of the temple. Let these pujas be of the utmost dedication, that the Light may be bright and go out from us as a unit and ignite others ready to serve.

"In these next few moments of silence, dedicate your soul to Truth and Light. Open your hearts to feel the intensity of my request. Let the desire to serve humankind burn into you. Now place your faith in the highest and let go of your fears and tensions. Relax knowing that you will be and are being taken care of as long as you dedicate your lives to Light.

"This is my pledge, to take care of you who look to me for strength. Was I not created for this, my children? Believe, believe in God's Truth to prevail over darkness. Love, love, love, and trust.

"My Love and caring never ends. It flows like a never-ending river.

"Eternal Love flowing like the Ganges, Sri Skanda, Son of Siva."