Lesson 35: Make the Final Choice

By Sri Skanda, Son of Siva

"The seriousness of the times has not penetrated into the deep recesses of the mind. Time is an urgent essential factor in your preparation for those days we used to refer to as 'the coming times.' Nay, the time is now. If no inner preparation is made in the immediate now, all will be lost. You must fight the battle with all your might. What is this battle to which I have referred these many years in these gatherings, the battle of which I am the General? And who are the warriors of my army? I will reveal to you this secret. The battle is the war within you, between your lesser, or dark self and your cosmic Self or Light, or Jyoti.

"I am the General who keeps the army within bounds. The army is composed of your higher faculties such as wisdom, divinity, love, faith, truth. I guide these up the pathway within to the point where you meet the Light of Jyoti. I fight with you, beside you, and encourage you to vanquish the enemies of my army. The battle wages on within and without, life after life. But know now, my warriors of the good and truthful, that time is short and your enemies residing within must be conquered immediately. Cannot you hear the clarion call to arms coming from the heaven world? Have you not seen that the enemy is at your door? Make the final choice this day to vanquish once and for all your enemies lying in wait in the dark crevices to annihilate the Light of your being. Be bold, be brave this day when we go our ways for a short while. By the time we meet again, who knows what may have happened in the ensuing months?

"How can I arouse in you the ardency, the belief that the end is coming, the end of the old: the old beliefs, the old habits, the old ways of thinking. A completely new world awaits those brave enough to say, 'I surrender to the Light — to the Mother, to the Father, Who are awaiting the return of their children back into the Kingdom.

"Children of my heart, which beats in rhythm with your own, I beseech you to make the final inner step. There are some here on the verge of surrendering to Truth of being, willing to fight the battle against self-indulgence. I send forth right now a call to you, impregnated with the needed strength and courage which I let forth from my being. As I see the surrender within, a Light will appear over you and I will ride on my charger, Myol the peacock, over you and touch you with my magic wand, a peacock feather. You will know within the truth of this statement as I flow gently over you.

"This is my last call to you, my last plea. The choosing time will soon have vanished into time, and a lifetime, many, many lifetimes of striving, will have been in vain.

"Let there be silence as I glide above you. You merely remain still, calm — and believe.

"Hold the feeling you receive here this day, for it so often fades away in the worldly activities, and I have to reactivate it each time we meet. Reactivate the feelings of this time by remembering how you felt here. Then from your memory bank and your feeling world will come forth the true vibrations again, renewed, waiting to be refelt.

"I will be with you, though we part. Call and I shall respond. This is my vow to you. What is your vow to me? Think quietly right this moment.

"I, Sri Skanda, beseech thee not to fail."