Lesson 34: Faith and Trust

By Sri Skanda, Son of Siva

"In the time to come, it will seem as if the Warriors of Light, the aspirants of Truth, will have been defeated. This will only be an illusion of the physical plane of existence. The battle within has actually been won by you and darkness conquered, for it is within the soul that this battle is waged. Confusion fills the air and penetrates into the minds of even the highest souls at the time of the Kali Yuga, or Iron Age. It makes conflicting feeling spring up, and you know not which path to follow. The mind says, 'What shall I do? Where shall I go?' The emotions in unison tremble with fear of the future and even the present. There is but one path, the path which leads into the heart chakkra, where the peace of faith and surety generates such a great Love that it overflows and blesses all who contact this Light flowing outward. There is no safe place to run, my children, only into the deep cavern of your own true being.

"Canst thou not have trust and faith to walk forward, knowing the great Creator walks before thee to blaze the way?

"Be not fainthearted, my Children of Light, my warriors, who have fought beside me life after life. Dost thou think it is but chance that thou art here listening to my wisdom and receiving my power?

"March forward; look not to the left nor right, but rather look to the beacon Light of Truth, keeping thine eyes ever on thy goal. How can I, Skanda, impress upon thy souls to ready thyselves? Know that the goal is to win. Let not one taint of doubt or a fearfulness enter thee. Stamp out the spark of evil which comes as doubt and despair before it gains entrance into the fortress of thy mind and body and flares into a conflagration. Wouldst that I could fight this battle for thee, but it is not so ordained, for each must battle alone, and as thy general I can lead thee onward unharmed through the fiercest battle only if thou wilt hold firm to thy inner convictions.

"This is the final battle of thy soul. Fail not thyselves, nor the God who sent thee down to the Earth plane to battle for righteousness for Him. I plead, I beseech thee, to falter not. Make a firm resolution this sacred day, now, this moment, to conquer self and by so doing help save the world from drowning in sorrow.

"My emblazoning love and power I release upon thee this moment. I thee endow with my very Self. Fail me not.

"In Love, I, Sri Skanda, Son of Siva, call thee to take up my Vel of Jyoti-Light and firmly hold it on high to enable others to envision their way. "