Lesson 33: Walk in Love

By Sri Skanda, Son of Siva

"I descended to the Earth plane through Love for you of your plane. Now you ascend through Love to my consciousness or plane. Mortality must put on immortality. Act upon this, what I foresee, or suffering will be unbearable. No longer will those on high tolerate the old ways of Earth. Understand, it is suffer or change! The rules of conduct for those of the Light have been clearly laid out. Live them and march forward in unison. Laggards will fall by the wayside as the will of the Most High is put into action and becomes the plan of Earth.

"Though my message as a general may seem harsh and narrow, remember I am only here with thee because thy needs and thy souls' Love have drawn me and touched my heart. As a leader created to help battle the darkness, I can see the whole of the planned maneuvers. As the battle becomes more fierce and darkness seems to prevail upon Earth, I plead: let not doubts or fears assail thee. Gird thyselves with Faith, Love and Truth. Let these be thy weapons to fight the evil. Be brave soldiers of Truth. Be strong in the midst of weakness. I depend upon thee in this battle, even as thou canst depend upon me. A general is only as strong as his army. I cannot impress upon thee more the need to prepare. The greatest battle the Earth has known is soon to begin.

"Take in a deep breath, breathe deeply; and as I give forth my power to overcome to thee, breathe it in. Let it flow into thy veins, into thy flesh, this courage and strength to overcome the downward pull of the world.

"Feel my gift of rebirth right now. Feel the old desires being burnt up, and as I fan the debris and ashes away, know thou has conquered the lower self. Watch thy feelings, thy words, thy actions, and take thy rightful place in the Light, and forevermore a bearer of the symbol of Light you shall be. Clasp in thy right hand my banner of Truth. Wherever thou art, whenever thou dost begin to falter, clasp thy right hand and mentally hold my banner. I shall feel it and rush to thy side to aid thee in the battle. Hold it high. Jaya! Jaya! Jaya! Victory is ours! Darkness shall fade before our combined Light. Walk in Love. Hold thy head high in the midst of the battle, which is the battle of thy small self. I cry out into the ethers again and again. Jaya! Victory! Victory is ours! The air rings with my voice. Join in with me. Jaya! Jaya! Jaya!"

Then I heard ring out a cry, 'Hosanna!' as if all the heavens joined in with Skanda.

"I, Sri Skanda, speak for those of the golden realms, and the Goddess Jyoti stands beside me, tall and majestic, with a vow to help those willing to forget self for the redemption of the world.

"I have spoken in deep Love for thee. Skanda, Son of Siva."