Lesson 31: Know I am Real

By Sri Skanda, Son of Siva

"From my celestial abode in my own world or what you refer to as heaven, I have come down through layers of heaviness to abide with you upon your Earth that I may fulfill my destiny — that for which I was created — to help those seeking souls who long to know themselves and who also wish to serve at this catastrophic time of change.

"Children of my being, never forget for one moment that change, however severe it seems to you now, is for the ultimate growth and good of humankind. When the dust of despair and chaos has settled, you will understand and be grateful.

"Let your heart's vision see into the future beyond the battles and see the outcome. Come stand on the hill and look to the future and see the glorious results of all the travail. Warriors of Light must keep going through the darkness!

"Each day follow the instructions of the maneuver. You are fighting, within and without, the greatest battle your planet has ever known. Light must hold supreme. It will, because you will hold the Light. The torch must be held high. Jyoti's Light must prevail within you and manifest without.

"Feel me now. I let forth my power — my loving bliss. I am Bliss — though a Soldier, though a General. You are bliss — though fighters for Truth. Our weapons are Love and Light.

"Feel me. Know I am real. Know me as the bliss of reality within. I have never come so close to the Earth plane as I come right now.

"Sit in silence. Breathe me in. Imagine my face, eyes, closed in bliss as it flows from God through me to you.

"Let it melt your doubts about yourself, about others. Let my bliss permeate your being and feed your soul. Feel me. The key is Love.

"Imagine me in all my beauty and let it saturate you. Become my beauty. See your faces smooth out. Let worldly worries drop away. Keep faith!

"I, Sri Skanda, Son of Siva, have spoken."