Lesson 30: Unite in Love

By Sri Skanda, Son of Siva

"The message today may seem burdensome and perhaps ominous, but were you not created to face Earth with divine courage? Those who have faced life with supreme courage have come out victorious.

"Today's message is to help me release that divine courage from your soul's storehouse, wherein lies the divine spark of courage and surety that good will win no matter how dark the outside picture appears. Victory is in the soul of divinity. Fearlessness is the parapet wall which keeps despair away, for the enemy is fear, despair, hopelessness. Learn the maneuvers and win.

"Today I speak of your need to bring forth your courage and loving detachment. I have watched your fears, lying dormant, well up and come to life as Earth changes come close.

"But as the darkness seemingly encroaches upon the world, so must the Warriors of Light sustain their strength of will and integrity, and also keep faith in the outcome of the battle between Light and darkness, Truth and untruth. Those dedicated to Truth should not waiver, not even for a fleeting second in time. The mind should be kept firm and stayed on the Lord God, with complete belief in His Omniscience and ability to bring you through even the most seemingly impossible situations.

"Now is the time to unite in love for Truth. I, Sri Skanda, came on Earth to lead the faithful through the jungle of the present days into the quiet, cool, peaceful time which will emerge out of the chaos. Keep the mind above the mundane, in the realm in which happiness abounds; and even in the midst of earthly darkness, if this is accomplished, you will abide in the Light.

"Think, feel and act like the daughters and sons of Truth you truly are, strong firm children of God come to Earth to battle the darkness with Love. Get quiet, get ready, and this moment I will send forth my strength tempered with Love and imbue you with a touch of divinity.

 "First feel my strength.
  Now feel my Love.
  Unite them, head and heart,
  Fourth and seventh chakkras blending.
  Know I am with you.
  Fear not.
  Be filled with faith
  In the God who created you.

"I, Skanda, Son of Siva, have spoken in Love."