Lesson 3: Remember the Rainbow

By Sri Skanda, Son of Siva

Remember the rainbow

Bhagavan Sri Skanda chose the symbol of the rainbow to remind us to think of Him and say His mantra. It was not by chance He chose this symbol, for it is a bridge between Heaven and Earth. Sri Skanda, who is the epitome of our higher Self, makes this pathway across which we may mentally ascend to His heavenly plane and so receive His outpouring of divine grace.

But He says many have already forgotten the inspiration and happiness of the day when He gave us this symbol, the rainbow, to tune in to His divine help. He reminds us how ardent we were and how soon many became lethargic and cared not to use this sacred bridge. The gold at the end of the rainbow is His divine power given to all who call His divine name.

He says: "With the darkness of the worldly ways encroaching and tempting the divinity of those souls who have chosen to go forth as Warriors of Light to disperse the darkness, it behooves them to be ever alert and aware.

"Do you not realize, children, that you are my warriors to carry my Light to the world? Those of you I have drawn here have been my children life after life. Not by chance are you gathered here this day. Time is short. Soon the enemies of Truth will gather for the final battle, and then victory will be yours, my children.

"Cleanse every aspect of your lower self that the bridge of rainbow light between us may flow freely. When you call my name, you open a doorway to me. Try me right now. I, who am born and created as your protector, ask you right now to call my name with your heart, with Love, and you will feel my presence. Fill your heart and veins. Call Skanda or Skandia (called in reverence), Subramanyam, Muruga (tender age), Kumar (the ever-youthful God), Karthikeya, and know I am always near and will respond to any of my numerous names. Feel my power enfold you now. Come to my abode and heavenly home in your sixth chakra this moment. Thrill to my divine presence. I am your servant, at the beck and call of my children, my Warriors of Truth and Love."

Sri Skanda, Son of Siva.