Lesson 29: Peace in the Midst of Chaos

By Sri Skanda, Son of Siva

"As nearer and nearer comes the day of the great changes, so the firmer and firmer must you be ingrained into the power of God which resides within. Many of your hearts, I see as I look into them, have not one hundred percent accepted that this is the time of the great cataclysmic epoch, when changes within and without are taking place. Why have I drawn so close to you at this time? To protect you, yes, but that is only a part of the plan — to teach you the art of control, to help you bring forth your faith, so that you can ready yourself for the final time that draws nigh. You must be firm as rocks implanted in a mountain and as pliable as the waters that run down the mountainside over them. I am a General of great strength and power; nothing daunts me. I am steady. I am Peace in the midst of chaos. My mission in Earth plane existence is to teach you steadiness and clarity. You must learn to become firm in the midst of the world. Be Warriors of Light, always on duty, so that you are never taken unaware by the enemies lurking as negative ideas, ready to devour your positivity and Light. Rather, be so bright and strong that darkness flees at the first appearance of your radiance.

"Yes, call on me. I am always ready to assist in time of need, but develop your own alertness, and draw from your own reservoir of strength. Do not let those who disbelieve in the coming times and are not preparing influence your thinking process. They will try to discourage you, try to make foolishness of your wisdom. Deter them with the strength of your own belief. Truth is Power. Love is its counterpart. Dedicate yourself anew, hourly and daily, to the God who created you, and beg Him to show you the path to tread. Ask like a child which way to travel, which way to talk, when and how to act, and then my vibration will enfold you, as will the whole realm of the Gods.

"We intend to win! Join the winning side. There are two paths: you alone must choose wisely the one pathway which goes to the Light. Woe unto those who choose the lesser path of darkness. Destruction is their reward.

"Allow me to guide you until we meet again. Listen with care right now. I will be with you at all times. When a decision is to be made, listen within; and after contemplation and deep concentration, you will know the right way to tread. Tread with care. These are precarious times, but with right decisions you will make it to the mountaintop of Truth. Do not think you can dawdle longer. Your march of truth must start this very day, right now! Let the decision be yours. Feel it well up within your fourth chakkra as an impetus to live. Think and act according to my edicts. Feel the strength welling up within you. I will fly over each of you and touch each one who makes a decision to be a helper of God, a warrior in the darkness bringing hope and Light. I cannot coerce you. I can only love and hope you take this inner strength."

Feel within. Stay steady within. Feel Sri Bhagavan Skanda riding the peacock Myol, wafting over you, pouring golden substance over you. He is so kind, so sweet to care about us and wants to come into the Age of Truth, away from sorrow. He speaks again:

"Children, the light of your Love dazzles me. I have not pleaded in vain. The Love of Skanda enfolds you. Walk firmly as you leave here. Know you are my emissaries of Truth and Love.

"I, Sri Skanda, have spoken."