Lesson 27: Be a Force of Light

By Sri Skanda, Son of Siva

"On the day of the full moon we have met month after month, and I, Skanda, have watched the unfolding of your faith and trust. Faith within does not unfold in the twinkling of an eye, but slowly strengthens life after life, through experiencing and understanding that which you on Earth have named faith, which develops and blossoms forth into a force of Light within you. I have watched this blossoming and am delighted with the progress of those who have been attending steadfastly.

"I have come close to Earth to bring the vibrations of my heaven close to you, to give you protection. You are like tender tendrils climbing forth from the hard earth and need the supportive power to allow you to grow strong into Warriors of Light. Every force for good in the heaven worlds and everyone dedicated to Truth and enlightenment must band together for the final fray to fight ignorance and darkness which would enslave the Children of Light. Gird yourself! Prepare yourself for the greatest battle the Earth has seen, and help the Earth to take her place in the galaxy as having fought, conquered, and won.

"You yourself are the battleground. Good within you is lined up against your lower tendencies. Be strong and determined to win over your lower desires. What you see happening outside is what is happening inside. You are creating the outside world. As within, so without. Humankind is responsible for the world condition. We of the heavens implore you to change your ways, your attitude towards life's problems created by yourself, and create a new world atmosphere. Love is the key to it all. If I were not Love, would I leave my wondrous domain of Light to help you fight your battles?

"You refer to me as a general, as a soldier. I am a Soldier, I am a General, but a Soldier of Love, and the only army I lead is that which is composed of those of Light battling with the power of the heart's Love. My Vel, or lance, unlike your instruments of war on Earth which are used to harm and hurt, is used to shine forth the power of Love of my mighty Father, Siva. Know me as he who carries the instruments of divine Love and know this moment who I am, not by words but by that which you feel. This moment feel yourself enfolded by golden substance, Love in its essence. I point my Vel towards you and its brilliant Light shall penetrate and enter your hearts. Relax, get quiet, and feel.

"Breathe in slowly and fully. On the incoming breath fill yourself with my Love, and on the outgoing feel it go forth to disperse the clouds of doubt and fear which impede the world. Feel me near you. I am Omnipresent. I can dwell in a thousand forms, for I am Absolute Essence.

"I, Sri Skanda, Son of Siva, have spoken."