Lesson 26: The Clarion Call

By Sri Skanda, Son of Siva

"The clarion call rings out from the realm of the Gods, calling all daughters and sons of Light to heed the call. The time is near when changes will take place. Already within the heart, the call is heard to change your ways. Soon outside, too, the changes will begin.

"Ready yourself in mind and soul to meet this challenge like a soldier well-trained, ready to fight for Truth. As I am the Leader of the army, the General of God's great plan, my plan you must follow.

"When God's Truth is on your side, can you fail? Can you doubt? Or tremble with fear and back out? Nay, your path is laid out ahead. Keep your mind firm, your heart open to Love, your eyes straight ahead, and march forward step by step until you reach your goal.

"It is not by chance we meet here, you and I. It was planned long ages ago, for we have long been close and ready to live for God's Truth.

"I am proud to be General of such a stalwart army of Light. I called you here that my grace I might give and ease your way.

"I love you, my children, my Warriors of Light. Life after life have we marched together in Love's might.

"When your heart's Love flows out to me, I feel its warmth. It draws me close and I send it back as golden Light to thee.

"Through all your life, keep your mind stayed on me, for I can lead you through the jungle of life onto clear, safe ground.

"All life is but a concept. Think firm, think high, think gloriously, and manifest this Earth realm into its true form in which to live.

"This is your mission; mine is to see you safely through. Be faithful to your true Father, God. Look neither left nor right, but keep your eyes straight ahead, and all will be well.

"This day I stand before you, feet planted firmly on Earth, that this essence of firmness may enter your soul. Feel this divine strength as I raise up my Vel on high. Feel its Light brightly shine forth and enter your mind. Feel this power of strength flow through your veins into every part of your being.

"Feel your cells become alive, become aglow! Life, peace, power are yours! These gifts of the spirit I give to you in Love.

"I, Sri Skanda, Son of Siva, have spoken."