Lesson 25: Release Fears Through Love

By Sri Skanda, Son of Siva

"I wish to remind thee that a steady path is better than a burst of enthusiasm that fades away and becomes depleted, like smoke wafting away into the air unseen and forgotten. I once said to you and I remind you now, 'My children, if you see a rainbow in the sky, in a dream, in a vision or meditation, in a book or even on a television, remember me, and remember our victory of good over evil. Then know that I am with you. When you see the rainbow, say my mantra thrice.' But this enthusiasm only lasted from one full moon to another full moon, then began to fade. Be children of hope and faith and enthusiasm, which brings power to this Earth plane that is in inertia and needs the power of Godliness. Work harder than the enemy, darkness.

"Go forward and win the battle of life with enthusiasm and joy, for it is an inner battle to overcome the enemy of the lesser self within you. I beseech thee not to look back at past mistakes and errors, but keep thy mind and heart on the goal. When the old feelings of the past flow and merge with thy thoughts and cause chaotic feelings on this plane, look at them and recognize them only long enough to cast them out and away. As they come forth, I will help them to dissolve in My Light. Don't dwell in the past, but know past mistakes are illusion, maya, unless you still relive the past in thought, feeling or action. As you move forward, you must let the past fade away.

"This moment let thy fears come forth, and I will pour my Light upon them. Quietly sit and let them come forth, and as they rise upward to confront thee, feel my Light, my understanding Love melt them into the nothingness. Watch inside you right now. As I raise my Vel, my spear, what darkness dare withstand this power of Truth? Let the sacred breeze from my altar touch thee and blow away thy illusions. Feel the Light of Truth; let it free thee from doubts of thyself and others. Become my true Children of Light. You are not here in this sacred temple by chance. I have drawn thee with My Love. I know you all. I wish to help you through the pitfalls of your minds. Allow me to enter your hearts as Love. Feel that I am real; I am here. I have come down from my kingdom to help. Trust, feel and know the joy of freedom.

"I, Sri Skanda, Son of Siva, have come at thy inner heart-felt call for help to attain and know thyself."