Lesson 23: Become Uninhibited

By Sri Skanda, Son of Siva

"Again we meet to commune and unite our two worlds that they may become one. As I impart to you the loving and yet powerful essence called by your energy, we together — I, Skanda, the giver, and you, the receiver — can fill the walls of this sacred temple to overflowing, and let the overflow go into the world.

"Let us go beyond words today and become one with the vibratory power that you will feel.

"To feel my presence not as form, but as my true Self-Essence, you must drop off the fetters of all worries, fears, doubts, and learn to become unhindered by your lesser personality.

"I will give to each of you what is necessary for your wholeness. To some, I will pour forth strength to sustain you in the days to come, for I am a reservoir of strength that never runs dry. It is for you to take of it. To others, I will give Love to temper or harmonize with your power and will, to make you whole.

"Each time we meet, I have been raising the vibratory rate of your bodies so you can become more sensitive to the higher planes of consciousness within yourself. I was well pleased the last time we met.

"I look through you as if you are transparent and I see the dark spots to be overcome. Fear not those dark errors; they are as nothing before God's Light.

"Now raise your hand thus1 and receive what is for you, as I stand before you. Give way to your highest in faith and trust. Feel whole as the Light from my red ruby in my golden crown shines forth, sending Light to you.

"My children, feel, breathe, and receive.

"I, Sri Skanda, Son of Siva, have spoken."


1Hands raised shoulder height, palms outward to receive the power.