Lesson 22: Walk Upward into the Light

By Sri Skanda, Son of Siva

"I, Sri Skanda, have descended from my heavenly abode into the darkness of your plane through Love for you, children, to lead you through the labyrinth of the mind into safety. Remember, your mind is the key to the abode, the place within, wherein dwells all Truth. This Truth will bring you through the dark ruffled waters of emotions which you call tribulation. Discord is created within by your own mind and called outside tribulation. Rise above the dust of this world and dwell in peace in the midst of travail.

"I shall instill within you this day the desire to choose your path that leads to the mountaintop where dwells the Goddess Jyoti — Being of Light, your own Light embodied in form outside you, even as I am your own courage and truth embodied as Skanda.

"See a pathway leading upward and a path leading off to the side, to the left. Pass that detour, and I will pour within your heart courage and the power of Love to talk upward into the Light.

"When the pathway gets rocky and steep, call my name, 'Sri Skandia!' thrice, and I will be there before the first call has left your lips.

"You will not falter. You cannot.

"I, Skanda, Son of Siva, am with you."