Lesson 21: Know Who You Are

By Sri Skanda, Son of Siva

"We are resuming our Jyoti-Skanda pujas of communion, which actually have never been broken, for I, Skanda, have been with you at all times, waiting for your call. Call and I am there. Even before you call, I see your need. Once again, in unification of faith, We will pour forth our loving vibratory essence to heal your world, which is in great travail. We shall stay steadfast to Truth in the midst of the turmoil, for I am everlasting. Throughout your many births, I remain faithful and stalwart, always expressing that which I am.

"Learn to hold steadfast through all that might ensue. Learn like a well-trained soldier of Truth to remain calm in the midst of life's battles. Sometimes the onslaught is difficult, and what is ahead looks like more than you can bear. It is at that time that you must stay embedded in your eternal Self within, impervious to the storm raging outside. Stay enshrined within, not looking outward, emotionally stable, and the storm will pass without having touched you.

"Children of my eternal heart, know who you are, and no one, nothing, can harm you. Clean up the last vestiges of mortal self, and you will be safe in my loving care. You are my children. And when you stay close in thought and deed, it is my duty to take care of you. For this I was called forth into form, to uphold the righteous and comfort the downtrodden.

"Call and I answer. In the midst of darkness, I am Light. In the midst of chaos, I am calmness. Abide in me eternally.

"I, Sri Skanda, Son of Siva, have spoken."