Lesson 20: Love Generates Power

By Sri Skanda, Son of Siva

"Love is the greatest weapon in the battle of life. It can defeat your enemies by turning them into allies. If you love me, Skanda, that love will generate a power which will eliminate all disintegrating enemies which lurk within the fortress of yourself. The enemies known as your lesser desires must be disbanded from within the fortress and then the doors closed, the guards of the mind placed around the turret wall.

"Let me show you how to experience pure Love devoid of lesser vibratory rates of attachment and lust.

"Close your eyes and visualize with deep concentration Skanda, very tall, made of Light, sitting on my peacock, Myol. I am high above you, right now, in this temple. You will feel with your inner Self a light above you until the form of myself and my peacock, upon whom I ride, becomes clear in your imagination. Imagine from the ruby in my crown a ray of Light, pure essence, flowing upon you. Love this image of me. My Love will blend with your Love. Now fill the city, the world.

"Feel that the breath you breathe now into your fourth chakkra, your heart center is the divinity of Jyoti — the divine Goddess of Light. Enjoy Her presence as sweetness. Blend it with my divine Love and power. Now feel complete. Siva-Sakthi. Complete. Saravanabhavayai.

"This power is the weapon to take you through life. I have given you my grace.

"I, Sri Skanda, Son of Siva, have spoken."