Lesson 2: The Eye of the Peacock Feather

By Sri Skanda, Son of Siva

Skanda stands before you, tall and majestic, with the jewel in His golden crown shining forth Light. He raises His Vel, His lance, high before you in blessing and then firmly plants it in the earth before Him. Protective power bursts forth.

The eye of the peacock feather "My power for good I loose this day. Take of it for your own protection, but also become Warriors of Light to send forth my essence which dispels evil. I stand firmly planted upon the Earth. This day be a part of my army for righteousness. Stand firm in trust and let that be your weapon to defend you from the enemies which would attack. The weakness of your fort lies within your actions and thoughts. Fear nothing. Learn to be fearless and stalwart in the face of any seeming disaster. Be my Soldiers of Truth, and power will be yours to protect you under all circumstances. Call my name and I am there. Believe in me and you will know my Love. I was created and came forth for you as your protector. Close your eyes, and in the silence I will send forth my protective power. Feel me standing firm and sure before you with Light beaming from my warrior’s crown. It will be felt by all who believe."

"Be still, become quiet and feel. Open your eyes and look at the altar upon which are peacock feathers. Look at one and concentrate on the eye in the center. This eye in the peacock feather is symbolic of God’s eye. Look intently at it and become one-pointed; then again close your eyes and contemplate its deeper meaning.

"I, Sri Skanda, have spoken."