Lesson 19: Assets and Deficits

By Sri Skanda, Son of Siva

"The season for introspection has come, the time to assess from where you have come and to where you are going: inventory time, inventory of your assets and deficits. Line them up and balance them one against another. A general makes a map and studies it to see his line of attack on the enemy. You must now make this map within your heart's wisdom and study it to know where the weak points are.

"We are fighting the greatest battle of all time, the battle of the lower nature of self. I am always ready to serve you, my children, my divine warriors, but you must take up your arms of Love and kindness and fight your own battle. Then I can give you grace.

"You, or many, think of me as a warrior general, but I am Love incarnate, tender as a mother for her child who has fallen, yet firm when that same child wanders from the path of Truth.

"I reveal myself today as I truly am — a symbol, nay, more, a being of Love, of compassion. For why else would I embody myself but to help strengthen the weak-hearted and lead the daring courageously through the battlefield of self to the fortress of Truth, which must be scaled? Within that fortress, in the highest tower, dwells Jyoti in all Her beauty, Her splendor. She is the princess, the Goddess, waiting to be rescued. She dwells within your Self as your highest culmination.

"Skanda, Jyoti — both one in the eternal Truth. Two parts make the whole.

"I will always do my utmost with my power to absolve the karma of a sincere aspirant trying to battle the self. This Kali Age of unrighteousness and chaos is the hardest yet the greatest time to dwell upon this physical plane, for it brings for the daring, the aspiring to go forth and conquer.

"I call you today, my warriors of Love, for your only weapons of defense are fortitude and Love — above all Love. I hear your every whisper. I pick you up when you fall on the battlefield and place you upon your feet. I attend your wounds tenderly. I heal your hurts and I give you courage. I am a General of Truth and Love, ready to lead you courageously on to victory.

"Forget me not. As you wake up each dawn of a new day, call my Name thrice: 'Skandia, Skandia, Skandia,' and start each new adventurous day with the path cleared before you.

"End each day in reflection of your assets and deficits. In your mind's eye, your inner heart, correct the faults until one day you reflect and find no wrong.

"That day call out loud and clear, 'Hail Skanda! Hail Jyoti!' and all the world of the Gods will rejoice with you, and you will feel then eternal joy flowing through your veins. I, Skanda, promise to be with you in these ensuing days until we meet again in this sacred temple.

"I have spoken as Love, and a promise of a God is never broken."