Lesson 18: Goddess Jyoti's Gift

By Sri Skanda, Son of Siva

"Everlasting is the protective power of God. From age to age it has existed, therefore Earth and all the many heavens exist. In the heaven of the Valley of Siva was I created from the elements of water and fire, ignited by the will of Siva and the power of Love of Sakthi. From these two powers of Siva and Parvathi, combined only through the power of divine thought, was I formed to bring justice and peace upon the Earth and quell the turbulent waters of darkness. I have descended onto the Earth plane to assist the children of this domain that they may rise within their innermost selves to my heavenly consciousness and share the highest treasures which have been prepared for the offspring of that which you refer to in your world as the Most High, the Father-Mother God.

"Come, my children, partake of the sweetness of my Love. A General of the army of Truth I am, it is true, but I lead you to the everlasting waters of Truth, not into warfare or killing. I teach you to annihilate, to obliterate, the enemies of ego within you, and release you from the prison you yourself created through your descent into matter, to release your radiant free Self which you have held in bondage. My warfare takes place within yourself, and my weapons I give to you to lead you on to victory. These are will, perseverance, honesty of purpose and, above all, determination tempered with trust, faith and Love.

"I overheard one of my children thinking when we met on the last full moon, the day of Sri Chandra, 'Sri Skanda was sweet this time and brought us Love, not His Self as a general leading us into battle.' True, but the battle forever goes on within, my children, the battle of Light against darkness, Truth against evil. Your lower self is your enemy, and that I help you battle until Love in its full essence as Jyoti, Light, can be experienced within. Jyoti is the full emblem of Godliness — Love in full glory. This can be seen outside in carved statues, forms, and in my Vel. But to experience the Goddess Jyoti in all Her radiance, you must first battle the lower self and win. Goddess Jyoti and I, Skanda, Son of Siva, go hand in hand to give you our gift of perseverance and strength to go forward into the battle within. Goddess Jyoti brings you the gift of the power to rise. She beckons you upward, where She dwells in full glory.

"Therefore, on this sacred day, I, Skanda, and Goddess Jyoti give you as special gifts inner strength not to turn back or retreat from the battle, and the gift of Love to temper the harshness of Earth life.

"I have spoken. Bhagavan Sri Skanda, Son of Siva."