Lesson 17: Love, the Greatest of Weapons

By Sri Skanda, Son of Siva

"To invoke the Beloved, one should have Love and sweetness in the heart. One should turn in Love to the One of the heart not only in times of stress and earthly need. Cannot you come in Love to me, as children of delight, you who believe in the One God who created all goodness in this universe? Cannot you daily say words of Love and affection in the name of Skandia to me? Then such miracles will happen in your lives that there will be no need to battle the darkness as warriors, but darkness and evil will flee as night flees with the rising of the morning sun. You will be like warriors at the end of a battle who sit around the fire and prepare to go home as victors, overflowing with Love and gratefulness.

"Feel my divine Love that knows no limits, right this moment. I am a God of Love, created from Love, not lust, and I overflow with Love's essence. I am all this as well as a General who can fight your battles when need be. But you must realize that Love is the greatest of weapons and can vanquish the enemy in a split second.

"This day I release my Love upon you and invoke the Love of the heavens to rain upon you from the worlds of the Gods, who long to bestow their blessings upon you. You ward off your good, your happiness, your godliness with your worries and fears. Have faith this day in the power of Love, which conquers all.

"This moment feel my presence as divine golden substance as I fly upon my peacock over you, touching each of you with Light. You are my children. You are my responsibility, for each and every one of you was created from the God-elements. Power, Love, and compassion flow from out my heart. I bless you with the power of protection by the Light which shines through my jewel, the ruby in my crown.

"I, Your beloved Skanda, Son of Siva, have spoken from my heart."