Lesson 16: Like a Lion's Roar

By Sri Skanda, Son of Siva

"The strength within each soul is a force to take you through all hardships. It is an unending source to be called upon as a reserve army is called when the battle is at its height. This force can be released by calling my name thrice. When the temptation to retreat comes, call on this reserve force within, and the solutions to life's problems will manifest. Even as a battle must be won with bravery, so facing the battle of life needs courage, faith and trust.

"I stand forth as a symbol of Truth. Truth is like the Vel, a tool, and its power of Truth can never be diminished by the wiles of Earth. Hold the banner of Truth high. Be unafraid, for victory is yours. You cannot lose; so march forward to victory, undaunted. The gains of the victorious battle of life are jewels of great splendor — but only for the victor who stands staunch and firm in the midst of the fight.

"Like a lion's roar is my power.
 Like an elephant's strength am I.
 Like a mother's love and sweetness am I,
 Dwelling within your souls.
 Call on me and I am there.
 Forget or ignore me and you sever your source,
 Though I am still there."

Sri Skanda.