Lesson 15: Courage to Conquer

By Sri Skanda, Son of Siva

"The world has come to the parting of the ways, when those of darkness must follow the pathway downward and no longer delude others or themselves. The Warriors of Light and those of evil are lining up for the fray. Always remember, darkness or evil cannot exist in the presence of Light. Darkness flees as a coward into the night.

"Warriors of Light, walk with shoulders straight, heads held high, knowing that goodness and righteousness victorious must be. March straight and firm on the road strategically mapped out for you by those in command on high. Have confidence when you train yourself to obey inner orders; those commands will lead to victory. Let not your mind falter for one moment. Build up this confidence in the general who has mapped out the battle of life. The rules are laid down clearly.

"The mind must be kept alert to listen for orders from within. You must be ready at all times to obey instantly. I, Sri Skanda, taught you at the last full moon to hold the Vel of Light and power, to grasp it in your hand and call my name thrice — Bhagavan Sri Skanda. I promised that I would answer your call. I say, here and now, that your calls were heard and I responded to each in the way needed. To the degree of your faith and Love, you have felt my answer. A soldier must train and have faith to carry out the orders.

"My beloved warrior children, I commend you for the valor with which you faced the heaviness of the Earth’s vibrations. Though I watched you at times falter when the problems became heavy, you never failed. For the courage and strength you brought forth from your souls, I say: Hail, Hail, Hail, Children of the Heavenly Heights! Though you yet know not your outer self the Truth that dwells within. Again, thrice, I greet your inner beings of perfection: Hail, Hail, Hail!

"Allow to come forth this day thy true Selves to combat the darkness of the earthly ways. I now ride the peacock high above thee with Vel held firm and forward pressed. Courage to conquer, to victorious be, I give this day to thee. Believe in my valor and let it be thine. Believe in my power as a shield; may it cover and protect thee. As thou marchest forward into the battle unscathed, hold to the Truth of thy being within, and all that is dark and of sin shall finally fail and fade.

"My Vel thrice is raised in victory o’er thy heads. Conquer thou must. Conquer thou wilst. Goodness and truth stand firm within thy souls. Hail goodness! Hail Truth! Come forth, those of Light, from thy heavens to battle down here. I end this with Love and the might of God, for to battle for thee I came down from above."

Sri Skanda, Son of Siva, The Upholder of Good and All That Is True.