Lesson 14: Put on the Armour of Light

By Sri Skanda, Son of Siva

"I, Sri Skanda, have been sending you help from the heavenly world to inspire and prepare you for the final battle of right over wrong. You must put on your whole armor of Light, which will protect you through the dark of the night. In the celestial worlds the battle has begun, and the forces of darkness have lined up against the Warriors of Light. The separation of good from evil is taking place on this Earth plane, too. In this decisive period, all must come to a decision on which side they must fight.

"The battle is fought within, moment by moment, as you control your lower desires and decide to live righteously. The battle you see raging without is merely what is taking place within all humans. Mentally gird yourself for the fray, and know that in the final battle the eternal Truth will be the victor. I give you this day a symbol into your hands, into the hands of everyone who this day within their heart takes a solemn vow to go forth to battle in Love for Earth’s restoration and the glorification of God through His children.

"When the battle is raging within or without, take an imaginary Vel and hold it within your hand. Grasp it tightly and call my name thrice. My Love is great. My strength is great. I challenge anyone who dares try to harm any of my Children of Light. Keep your gaze straight ahead, focused on trust, and nothing shall harm you. Be courageous, be loving, be purity itself, and go forward fearlessly to bring forth the Age of Sathya, Truth. March on! March on! March on to victory holding high my Vel!

"Call the name Sivaya, Sivaya, Sivaya! Ganesha, Ganesha, Ganesha! Parvathi, Lakshmi, Vishnu, Jyoti, Skandia! May all Deities rally to your sacred call. The power of Love is yours, so use it well.

"Get quiet. Get still. Rest in my Love, and may a gentle rain of petals of Love flow down and bless you.

"I, Sri Skanda, have spoken."