Lesson 13: Tactics of Life

By Sri Skanda, Son of Siva

"The imperativeness of the times in which you live in makes it necessary that you strive diligently to live up to your ultimate perfection. Soldiers on the battlefield must adhere closely to their training, or their lives will be endangered. Tactics have been scientifically mapped out for victory. So it is with you: your tactics of life have been planned so that you may survive the onslaught of negation about to envelop the Earth. Adherence to your strength of purpose, your ideals, will be of the utmost importance in winning this final battle of good over evil. You not only battle for self, but for the final victory of good for all humankind.

"I have heard all those who called my name in time of need or despair. Your entreaties, your needs, come wafting through the ethers to me and invoke my Love and action. I have never failed to respond to those brave and courageous of heart. Call and I shall respond. Even the softest whisper of my name will be rewarded. How can I impress upon you my Love, my devotion? My children, only through my actions which protect and prosper you on all planes can I prove Skanda’s Love. Let your faith grow and open like a flower in full bloom. My Love, My harmony, My bliss dwell deep within your own hearts. Let it flow forth and bless all and create a new world. Become my spokesmen and spokeswomen, my liaisons upon this Earth plane. Hear these words and profit thereby.

"I, Sri Skanda, Son of Siva, have spoken."