Lesson 12: Dividing of the Ways

By Sri Skanda, Son of Siva

Bhagavan Sri Skanda speaks in His inimitable way.

"A soldier can enact successfully the orders given and complete the tactics only if trained in discipline. Train yourself by complete selflessness to listen and to act upon the orders heard within. The divine general within gives the commands and plans the maneuvers. The soldier, when correctly disciplined, without questioning of purpose, will find the battle of self has led to victory. It is at this time, when the battle on Earth is raging, that the mind may question. Now is the dividing of the ways, the army dividing into two contingents, ready for the final battle between darkness and Light. Already the battle ensues in the celestial realm against the evil forces. Goodness will prevail and righteousness will win, but the final battle will be won within. All that you encounter outside is to be fought within the self. The good and the evil are lined up on the inner battlefield of the emotions and mind. Be sure the general within you keeps control.

"Fight the battle of life with all your might. Choose well the side on which you fight. Do not let the enemy of unrighteousness delude you into acting, thinking or feeling erroneously. You have been trained for many lives. Now obey the orders which come from the celestial realm quickly, instantaneously, and without question. Then the orders you have obeyed can successfully lead you to victory.

"I, Sri Skanda, Son of Siva, have spoken."