Lesson 11: Hail Fellow Warriors

By Sri Skanda, Son of Siva

"As the world outside becomes darker, so must your faith become stronger and your mind and heart be fixed firmly on me. I shall bring you through the darkest night to the mountaintop of safety if your faith does not waiver. For this I was created and have my Being. Fear not the darkest night nor the pitfalls that come your way, for I shall guide you into the dawn if you but trust.

"Keep the mind firm and stayed on me; and though the darkness of night will seem to encompass you, always remember that at the end of the road I stand, beckoning you onward and upward. Let my strength be yours in these ensuing days, and if at times darkness and evil seem to have won the battle, Light and Truth shall be the ultimate winner. Truth shall prevail and my Warriors of Light shall be the victors.

"Remember these words and remember them well. Remember this promise, for I shall see my faithful through until the ultimate victory. Pave your road to victory with bricks of steadfastness and right living; then no enemy can block your way. I am your Leader, your General, your Guide through the fiercest battles. I stand by your side. You shall not waiver or fall. We march forth together. I blaze the way with my Vel held high.

"The fierceness of the battle of life wages within you. I will lead you onward. You cannot turn back when victory is so close at hand.

"We have battled through the ages, and now is the time to hold fast. I beseech thee, my children, to march forward. Sometimes the battle which wages within the senses seems to be overwhelming. Thou has to call my name but thrice: ‘Skanda, Skanda, Skanda!’ I shall come forth in battle guise to stand in front of thee to lead thee onwards. Who can stand against thee when I am with thee? The darkness fades when the Light, the Jyoti of my Vel, shines forth in all its glory. I am the Victory! I am the Victory! I am the Victory! What is there to fear?"

I see a band of Warriors of Truth, who have won the battle of the senses, marching triumphantly with Skanda at the head, shouting, ‘Victory is ours! Victory is ours!’ Strength to conquer is given this sacred day. The army of righteousness is marching in the heavens that we may have victory down here on Earth.

"Righteousness shall prevail. Darkness shall flee. All is well. Believe in me. For this I came forth. For this I took form. So also for this you came forth, and for this you were born, to help usher in the Day of Sathya, of Truth. Your love for me, for Truth and life, and my Love for you shall make all right.

"Hail, Fellow Warriors! To thee I raise my Vel. Let courage in thy hearts prevail.

"I, Sri Skanda, Son of Siva, have spoken."