Mother speaks: to a Son

By Goddess Sakthi (Divine Mother)

"Son, thee I endowed with the gifts of power and strength when thou wast conceived long ages past, when earth was in its infancy, when it had just emerged in travail from my womb, and its future was but a dream. The seeds of peace and brotherhood in the three worlds I sowed within thy heart to be nurtured and watered with love and understanding until they grew into the Kingdom of God. All this I entrusted with thee. Arise, son, out of thy lethargy. Realize now thy birthright. I, Queen of all, am thy Mother; thou art my first-born prince, inheritor of my kingdom. Come forth into my light and receive thy crown of immortality jeweled with the stones of perfect manhood.

"Look upon all as thy royal family. My daughters are thy sisters; look upon them with eyes untainted by desire, but cherish and guard their purity and chastity. All fellowmen are thy kin, brothers whose veins are filled with the self-same Spirit as thine.

"Know thy oneness with everything, no matter what the form, and all separation shall cease, for all is the self-same life, my breath in all. Let me be proud of thee, son. Assert thy manhood and become a God."