Mother speaks: to a Mother

By Goddess Sakthi (Divine Mother)

"Little mother in the world, my heart beats strong in love for thee, for thou art my symbol on earth. The child thou hast conceived is but the symbol of the universe that I have conceived. Thy bringing forth of child is but a minute expression of the manifestation of all the universes in many forms that have been born from my being. The love thou dost feel for thy off-spring is but an infinitesimal part of the love I feel for all my children—plants, animals, birds, and humans. As thou dost enfold thy child in the protective garment of pure mother love, I too enfold thee in an infinite love that protects thee, beloved one.

"Little mother, part of me, be my living emblem; love all as I love, be my image in form. Let my eternal love pour through thee embracing all even as I embrace all. Open up thy consciousness into my infinite mind and set man free from sorrow's throes by pure divine mother love. Thine is a glorious part, O woman of creation.

"Play thy part well by living as my image. Speak as I speak, letting only soft musical tones fall from thy lips. Practice the art of tongue control that thou canst know the exquisite beauty of silence, for in this language of the soul thou canst permeate thy home with peace and love. My beloved one, work as I work, for the joy of expressing the activity of life, free from the fruits of action wherein lie discord for the soul.

"Free thy mind to my infinite mind and loose the ties that bind thy thoughts to limitation. Know in action the joy of infinite strength that knows no lack. Be at peace and bring peace on earth. Be in true love, that neither ties nor binds, and asks nothing in return. Pour divine love on earth.

"Aye, truly, thy part is glorious, woman, if thou wilt play it well. Remember always when thou seest a woman's form that it is my image. Be true unto me in every thought and word and deed and I will pour such blessings upon thee, thy days will be indeed filled with light."