Mother speaks: to a Man

By Goddess Sakthi (Divine Mother)

"Man, symbol of my strength, I speak to thee with tender love, and beseech thee to be true to thine own being, that women and children, young and aged, may look to thee as their divine protector, even as they look to God their Father. I, too, in utmost reverence for the presence of God I see in thee, bow to that spirit. Come forth, Son of God, and prove our trust. Reverence me in all women: in thy mother, in thy wife, in thy daughter. See them all through the eyes of purity as thy sisters.

"Would that I could inspire thee with the power to live to thy highest. Man, be true to thy self, and in so doing thou wilt be true to thy other part, woman, for together thou maketh the perfect whole. Desecrate not thine own self in woman's form. What thou dost think and speak of her, thou dost think and speak of thyself; thou are one. Put her back on the pedestal upheld by the foundation of purity, chastity, love, and reverence. But thou too must climb to that height and stand beside her that thou canst merge into one in the One. Call upon the highest in woman that she may be inspired to answer with her innate perfection, which she has too long kept hidden. Touch her with thy magic sceptre of divine love that she may spring forth a goddess, Divine Mother among men."