Mother speaks: to a Daughter

By Goddess Sakthi (Divine Mother)

"Beloved daughter, my little One, child of light, draw close; sit upon my knee and nestle thy head upon my bosom and list to thy mother's dreams for thee. Thou art the chosen one to draw mankind up from the agonies of chaos into the realm of peace. Thou, my daughter, must live thy life so pure that man will be impelled to live the life divine. The pendulum once more has swung, and now has come the hour when destiny is in woman's hands. Raise thy face unto the light and let not thine eyes look downward nor thy footsteps falter. Rather inspire all sons to follow thee until thou dost stand side by side, hand in hand, companions in purity, lovers in God, Gods, and Goddesses, complements of each other, expressions of the Father-Mother, the One in two beings making a perfect whole.

"One woman brave enough to live the life of chastity, purity, and love, can, aye and will, set on fire with divinity the hearts of all mankind. Goddess of liberty, my beloved daughter, thou in whose hands rests the destiny of nations—nay more, worlds—I pray thee step forward and answer my call. March into my heart, and all shall follow thee into the realm of pure being, light and truth."