Mother speaks: to all my children

By Goddess Sakthi (Divine Mother)

"Children, one word more before I leave thee to thy play in the garden of earth. Know I am always near, watching, guiding, guarding thee. My hand is ever ready to assist in time of need if it be wise.

"When thou art happy, the unsung song of joy from the innermost recesses of thy hearts wafts to me, and the melody is played upon the strings of my soul, even as the zephyr plays upon the harp, and I too am filled with delight.

"Come to me in fullness of thy heart's joy as well as in need, for pain and pleasure are but the one expression of life in its extremities. Pain that seems beyond endurance and looks as an iron rod is but my loving hand placed upon thy arm to restrain thee that thou shalt not wander too far from the fold. This hand but draws thee back and points the way into the realm of bliss beyond the unreality of pain and pleasure.

"Be joyful in thy pain, knowing another step has been traversed in thy experiences on earth and thou art that much nearer to me. Be as the infant who faltering, falling, rises with laughter shining through tear-dimmed eyes to play again. Be as my little children, joyful, happy, and courageous. Play the game of life fully and know I, Mother am always near."