Narayani Amma

By Arul Thiru Sakthi Amma

Amma's message:

"Unwanted desires, anger, lust, demonic behaviour, selfishness and similar such negative qualities, deprive man of knowing his real nature and get him entangled further in the waves of delusion and resulting sufferings. In the big battle of life, man is confused and chases money for creature comforts, by doing several sinful acts; and in the process goes through several difficult situations and untold sufferings. In such situations and circumstances, the Universal God Mother, the provider of sustenance and protector of all life forms, who unceasingly provides for the needs of all Her creations without asking, unbearable due the sufferings of them, decides to descend to the Earth and be one of among them. Mother provides the needs of the suffering humanity and shows them the righteous way to live and enjoy life. Amma has embarked upon touring several countries of the world, to bless and teach all Her beloved children of the world a greater awareness of peace, love and devotion."


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