Goddess Sakthi - Foreword

By Hilda Charlton

In meditation I was instructed by those Divine beings who call themselves "We of the Ethers" to prepare and be ready for the "Mother" to speak. In the early hours of the morning, long before dawn, the room quietly filled with formless white silvery light. From it came the words written herein. Only for a few split seconds did She take form to give the benediction. Mother stood eternally tall with arms raised "o'er" the world blessing her children of the earth. For those who have ears to hear, She speaks. For those who have eyes to see, She takes form, if form is needed to give faith. To some, Her form is but the symbol of the manifesting force called Sakthi.



The Universal Mother is the feminine creative principle and without Her divine force merging with the supreme force, form could not exist. She is known by many names and various forms in different cultures, each being an expression of the divine wisdom principle or cosmic force of the higher nature, outpouring truth, love, and wisdom—the feminine Holy Spirit. Mary, Universal Black Mother, Isis, Hera, Kuan-Yin, Mother Earth of the Native Americans, Ammal, Sarada Devi, Sarasvathi, Lakshmi, Durga, Kali, Parvathi are but some of the many names and forms given to the One manifesting creative force. She is form yet formless, "formless form." To those who need Her form to understand and obtain succor, She manifests in each culture. For those who have transcended the need for form She is the light. This creative principle is called "Mother" for without Her, children of the earth could not exist.


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Charlton, Hilda. Divine Mother Speaks. New York: Golden Quest, 1993.