By Sri Skanda's Warrior of Light

Deity is a name given to God in form. Hence, the plural is Deities — God with many forms. These forms are used by God to help us understand the nature of the Supreme Being. To appreciate the formless God we begin with form and later (with understanding and wisdom) transcend it.

In Hinduism, whenever God takes form, that form is given a name. It is the same omnipresent being but is called various names by the people whom God chose to appear to.

A common pearl of wisdom shared by hindus, which allows them to respect and revere all forms of God as one is, "Truth is one — Paths are many." So no matter who one believes in (Siva or Sakthi), the hindu realizes that they are the same principle of the One Supreme Being. If you remain at the top, you will see no difference. In fact, everything will appear as one. This is the view passed on to us by the wise saints and seers of our time — to allow us to briefly glimpse how God views all creations.

The lines that distinguish one country from another do not exist when we view our planet high above from space. Similarly, God does not distinguish each of us by the lines of religion we choose to follow or believe in. God is One — formless and with form. For those who have eyes to see and need form to understand their relationship with the Almighty, God takes form. For those who have transcended the need for form, God is formless.

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