Book 2: Living with Siva


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2nd edition, Kivar hardcover, full color, 7″ X 10″, 984 pages.
Language: English

Living with Siva

Hinduism’s Contemporary Culture

Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami

Living with Siva is the second in the series of The Master Course trilogy. The 365 daily lessons include spiritual rules “for the lion-hearted” on God, worship, marriage and family life, money, sex, child-rearing, nonviolence and tolerance, forgiveness, hospitality, karma, nature and more.

It is a unique daily devotional which guides the seeker who wishes to take the essential first steps on the spiritual path. This includes systematic principles of self-discipline known in traditional Hinduism as the yamas and niyamas. Applied daily, the lessons bring order and discipline into our lives establishing a firm foundation for a successful spiritual life. Gurudeva frankly addresses the problematic areas of modern living and offers sound, proven advice based on his 50 years of ministry.

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The book contains the deepest truths and insights of Indian spirituality, some never published before, but all relevant to personal awakening on the path to merging with God


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