By Hilda Charlton

The lessons appearing in this book were given on the following dates:

Lesson 1: Bridge of Rainbow Lightunknown
Lesson 2: The Eye of the Peacock Featherunknown
Lesson 3: Remember the Rainbow7/24/1983
Lesson 4: The Victory is Thine8/21/1983
Lesson 5: Thou Art Invincible10/25/1983
Lesson 6: Courage and Love10/22/1983
Lesson 7: Watch Every Mood11/20/1983
Lesson 8: March On – Stop Not12/18/1983
Lesson 9: Be Alert to Truth2/19/1984
Lesson 10: Gift of Strength3/18/1984
Lesson 11: Hail Fellow Warriors11/28/1982
Lesson 12: Dividing of the Ways8/8/1986
Lesson 13: Tactics of Life4/24/1983
Lesson 14: Put on the Armor of Light5/22/1983
Lesson 15: Courage to Conquer6/26/1983
Lesson 16: Like a Lion’s Roar1/30/1983
Lesson 17: Love, the Greatest of Weapons4/15/1984
Lesson 18: Goddess Jyoti’s Gift5/20/1984
Lesson 19: Assets and Deficits6/15/1984
Lesson 20: Love Generates Power10/14/1984
Lesson 21: Know Who You Are10/15/1984
Lesson 22: Walk Upward into the Light11/11/1984
Lesson 23: Become Uninhibited2/3/1985
Lesson 24: Make Your Life Potent3/3/1985
Lesson 25: Release Fears through Love3/31/1985
Lesson 26: The Clarion Call5/5/1985
Lesson 27: Be a Force of Light6/2/1985
Lesson 28: Turn to Me2/27/1983
Lesson 29: Peace in the Midst of Chaos9/28/1985
Lesson 30: Unite in Love10/27/1985
Lesson 31: Know I am Real11/24/1985
Lesson 32: Great Changes Taking Place2/23/1986
Lesson 33: Walk in Love4/20/1986
Lesson 34: Faith and Trust5/18/1986
Lesson 35: Make the Final Choice6/29/1986
Lesson 36: Be of the Utmost Dedication9/21/1986
Lesson 37: I am AliveNovember 1986
Lesson 38: Rules of Conduct4/14/1987
Lesson 39: Rise above the Fray7/19/1987
Lesson 40: Victory is Yours9/27/1987
Lesson 41: Battle for Right10/25/1987
Lesson 42: Be Decisive and March Firmly1/31/1988